My Keploy API Fellowship Journey

As far as I remember It was the 17th of Aug, one of my friends Yash shared the link for the Keploy-API-fellowship. He said we should join it as it is related to API. As I am learning android development, there are a lot of articles where I come across the term REST APIs. so I was curious about what it is and how it is built. From the form and some information I collected about Keploy, it is about APIs and their testing. So I joined the fellowship.

I met a lot of people and seniors like Hardik, Nishant, Ankit, and Sejal. They are excellent at explaining things and the meetings were interactive, they are always eager to help. Our peer group in this fellowship was really nice and it was fun to interact with people. We learned a lot of stuff like HTTP and HTTPS. We made a few projects like a weather website where we used an API to fetch data and displayed it. We built a Superhero API with the Go language and many more.

The homework given in the fellowship was really interesting, in which we used all the things that we learned in the previous meetings. From this fellowship, my way of learning did take a new turn, as I got into reading the documents and applying them to my projects. I would love to be a known and active member of Kelpoy, where I can teach people what I know, take on new responsibilities, learn from mistakes, and explore new things every day.

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